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UPC : A Series of Informative Webinars by the French professionals

The Unified Patent Court (UPC), an international court established by participating EU Member States, is designed to handle the infringement and validity issues of both Unitary Patents and European patents. Its goals are to streamline legal processes, to put an end to costly parallel litigations, and to provide enhanced legal certainty.

In the wake of the introduction of the UPC in Europe last June, the French IP professionals lead by the French Patent and Trademark Attorneys Association (CNCPI) convened a delegation to commemorate the establishment of the UPC and to endorse its global significance.

This delegation will now offer a series of webinars to present the intricacies of the UPC's functioning and procedures. These sessions will provide valuable insights into various aspects of the UPC: 

Program :

- December 4th, 11 am (New Yok time): "Saisie-contrefaçon - a French tradition at the heart of the UPC"
Explore the tradition of "Saisie-contrefaçon" and its significance within the context of the Unified Patent Court.

- December 5th, 11 am (New Yok time): "UPC Teams - what does it take to win?"
Gain insights into the essential elements required to form successful UPC teams and strategies for achieving success in the court.

- December 6th, 11 am (New Yok time): "Number crunching - clues to drive your European litigation"
Delve into the numerical aspects of European litigation and discover key insights that can influence your approach to legal proceedings.

- December 7th, 11 am (New Yok time) : "Enforcement of first instance decisions and preliminary injunctions at the UPC"
Understand the nuances of enforcing first instance decisions and preliminary injunctions within the framework of the Unified Patent Court.

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Registration for the webinars is free and available to everyone.

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